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I took up home brewing as my 2012 (and beyond) hobby, as I just finished uni and needed something to do. I am not much of a beer drinker (although keen to try brewing some when I find a beer I like) but I am enjoying experimenting with brewing different fruit wines. I can't wait to try my first honey mead, and I am trying to make a pineapple and coconut wine. I made some Morgan's Ginger Beer and didn't like it, so alternative suggestion for a more ginger tasting beer would be awesome! My brew "company" (teehee) is called Toad Popiscle Brews. Basically two words I really liked that I put together one day, and decided they sounded cool together. A Toad Popsicle would taste yuk though I imagine.

Home Brew (of course), Photography, Music and Movies.


In the fermenter: Nothing just yet. Waiting on a new 5L demijohn.
Drinking: Lick Pier (craft ginger beer available at some liquor shops)
To Brew List: Apple Cider, Chocolate Coffe Stout