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    Fridge Giveaway East Brisbane (near wooloongabba)

    Hi guys. This fridge is still up for grabs. It needs to be picked up in the next few days, otherwise it's trash. I'm still using this as a drinks/second fridge and have avoided putting on gumtree because I thought someone in the brewing community might find it suitable as a...
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    Fridge Giveaway East Brisbane (near wooloongabba)

    mstrelan has it if no one can pick up this weekend
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    Fridge Giveaway East Brisbane (near wooloongabba)

    Held first for Peege, pending a Saturday pick up.
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    Fridge Giveaway East Brisbane (near wooloongabba)

    Hey Brewers, I have a 460L Hisense fridge/freezer to give away. It's currently used as my second fridge but I'm moving house and want to get rid of it and thought it would be perfect for a keg fridge conversion or fermenting fridge, etc. Fridge is currently in use (only has a bit of surface...
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    Australia Day Weekend

    Third Annual New Farm park cricket game with friends then piss up/BBQ/JJJ/cricket and tennis on the TV day at my mate's place.
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    Japan (with kids) - Where to go ?

    I found a great hand pumped ale at an Irish pub called "man in the moon" in Kyoto. The beer was called Yona Yona. Really tasty stuff. Your kids would love the Aquarium at Osaka, deer feeding in Nara, Geisha, temples and castles in Kyoto and the sheer vibrancy and colour of Tokyo should wow your...
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    Tres cordillas, Medellin, Colombia

    Nice one Neal. I got back from Colombia four weeks ago and too found the craft beer industry blooming. I discovered the Bogota Beer Company (BBC) and loved their little chain of boutique pubs throughout the city. Their slogan "bienvenidos al 1%" (welcome to the one percent) struck a chord with...
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    The Beer InCider Experience (Brisbane, 20th-21st of September)

    Well I thought is was a good day and a great initiative. The crowd had a great vibe, loved the live music, ping pong table, and blankets on the lawn. Great to see Bacchus doing so well, their line up was by far and away the longest, hence difficult to get quick service! Otherwise it was quick...
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    Monteith's IPA "Brewers Series"

    I just tried the Porter and thought it was beautiful, apparently aged in pinot noir barrels...
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    Japan pub & sightseeing recommendations?

    Dang, I'm going next April and will def use this post as a ref guide. Can't wait. Yee-hoo!
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    What are you listening to

    Social Distortion. I'm having a beer after five weeks off the piss, aarrgghhh, gone to my head!
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    What are you listening to

    Good call. Ozzy is there for show and tell, however, it wouldn't be possible to replicate that classic Sabbath sound without him. The riffs are sick, Butler's lyrics are dark and Rick Rubin's producing has breathed life into a twisted set of haunting and heavy themes and sounds. I couldn't...
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    What are you listening to

    I too am a total Dylan tragic. I must say I thought the album was a tad under par compared to his last four albums, but nonetheless still damn good. I've been flogging John Wesley Harding and also the I'm not there soundtrack.
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    Bowie sells a chest freezer

    Paid for and picked up. Cheers Cam and thanks to all who bought brewing gear from me. Everything has sold. I'm sure I'll pop up on the forum from time to time and when I've had enough of the withdrawal symptoms I'm sure I'll take it all up again. It's been fun, Until then, Cheers, Bowie
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    Bowie sells a fermenting fridge

    Paid for and picked up. Cheers Bryan