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    3500w element question

    Yeah spot on. You could test the resistance with a multimeter from the kettle to the earth on your element plug. Someone said you want less than an ohm resistance. I dont think your get that with threads touching the outside of the hole. Depends on the size of the hole too I guess. As I said I...
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    3500w element question

    Interesting. Do you use a seal on each side of the kettle?
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    3500w element question

    I was looking into the tri-clamp bulkhead option also - my only concern is grounding of the kettle. With silicon washers either side of the kettle for sealing, I'm worried there wont be an adequate circuit back to earth. For this reason I am looking into soldering myself or hiring the services...
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    Where to get beer gas on the Gold Coast?

    Anyone know where I can get nitrogen / CO2 mix for pouring Guiness Stout in the GC / Brisbane area? In the small bottles that fit in a keezer?
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    AndyMac’s Keezer Build

    Looks amazing mate. I got no insulation on mine - I put a meter on it to see if insulation is worth it after reading a lot of people say it wasn't. Since the 5th of Feb it's used 9.8 kwh - that's $2.31 for 20 days on the goldcoast over summer (12 c a day) - Keezer set to 1 deg. It's also outside...
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    Feeling electricity through hands when using Guten

    I get the same thing in my HLT I assume from the heating element. I've tried troubleshooting a few things / changing out chords etc and even changed the elements but still get it - as you said only when I've got a small cut and also not wearing shoes. Only a minor tingle. In the end I just try...