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Hi Angie,
I still have had no luck joining the IBU. I have messaged Cortez twice and also tried through Mick Mason on the IBU facebook page.
Can you help me.

Regards Ian Mackenzie.
Hey mate,

Saw your post wanting a fridge. I can get you a brand new Series x with 4 tap font for $620* if you like?
This is the fridge, 4 taps (nukatap) and font only. You'll need gas, lines, regulator etc, but she is brand new.

also can sell you my own setup - series 4 (i think), 2 taps, regulator, 2.6kg gas bottle (full) for $520*

Pick up from Doncaster or North Melbourne and I'll wipe off the $20 delivery fee.
My third and final apprentice brewer arrived 6 weeks ago, I’ve had to rename my yearly RIS from “moad and sons stout” to “moad and co stout”
Hello there, love the name bud.
How's your brewing going?
Are you inn Melbourne, Aust
Hey mate. I love your reply to my post. I have some questions. can you call me on 04185566636 if you dont mind. Again..thanks
Hi bee2gee,
Can you advise price and availability of a completed iSpindle to 6110 (WA)?
in your post on "fresh hop flavour" you said you brewed a beer that was like Pirate life IIPA, could you share this with me, I love this beer.
Hi bee2gee,
Can you advise price and availability of a completed iSpindle to 4655?
I tried your email but it bounced.
Got your email in the end
"Doubt is not a pleasant condition but certainty is an absurd one."
Hi Angie. Have been using app and it stopped working. So I installed and started again. New app tryed to use it and have tapa talk not loaded contact forum message come up. Is there anything you can do to help.
Regards Tom
Megs if you are serious about the process PM me and I will take a couple of days to put together a guide for you to look at
Can give you process, equipment etc you will need
been doing this close to 3 years now with great success but I only use fresh yeast (Wyeast from Brewman only a couple of weeks old)
I only use each vial once then discard yeast cake ...
...Damn the 140 character limit...
You can save a shit load of money if you are carefull with your prep and sanitation
I won't be posting it on the forum as there are too many shit fights on there already...lifes too short
Afternoon mate I’m wanting to help out a local wine bar that does some much for my community.they have offered a keg of beer at cost price as they have been told that the suppliers will to credit them for the keg .is it allow to advertise to get a few of the boys together to purchase the keg and divide it up .

Thanks Shaun
I'm not sure. All I have is the serial number on the front label. L/A1 911212. On the bottom of the bottle it is marked as 337ml and it was imported into New York N.Y. from guiness harp corp. It is a 11.4 fluid oz bottle of Guiness extra stout. Trying to find out how old it is.