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Many links give:

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Usually the links are in old, 10 years, so perhaps moved/deleted/"expired"/failed a migrated to new SW?
Is there a way to access these posts?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Out of date threads that are deleted. The forum was cleaned up some time ago.
Thanks for getting back to me and for letting me know.

> Out of date threads that are deleted.

Bit of a shame that, I know time and tastes change over time but I'm sure some old threads would have some great info in them. For example some past beers have been delicious.

It's not actually that they're deleted (in most cases). If you know the title, you can google the thread and find it.

It's just that the links changed, leaving a whole heap of dead links everywhere...
Hi! I tried to reply on my thread but apparently I don't have sufficient permissions to do it.

Really appreciate the tip on Clarity Ferm - my neighbour can drink a bit of Corona so I'll check in with him and see what the go is. Actually super bloody interested in brewing with barley if possible and might open up some new opportunities to have delicious brews in the street.

Thanks again!
G'day, I'm living back in Coniston after spending a few years in Melbourne. Any chance I could be added to the IBU page?

Just wondering if you still supply these, and how much for one sent to sydney, assembled. Thanks
Hi, just read your post about Tooheys old. had a mate round last week for a tasting, 3 ag ales, 3 extract ales, a lager, a cider, and a ginger beer (blame the wife) anyway he usually drinks old and declared tap number 3 "the business" https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/the-dark-monk.html is what was on tap 3, not sure how close it is to old just an fyi. Cheers Grahame
Hey mate, I am keen on that controller please. Let me know where to send the money and I will get it to you asap. Kind regards dave
thanks for the support -
thought i might get taken down by site management for that, but ****, he was pretty overboard, so i thought i'd meet him halfway.
typical bully, he disappeared off forum. glad i'm not his missus haha
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normally just use the no name women’s stockings you can buy any supermarket, cheap and effective, cut them up to suitable size tie a knot and chuck em in, when finished simply discard the lot, no washing up etc. if you don’t get what your striving for stick with the 2-3 days but use more hops. Hope this assists. “Homebrewing = The art of over analysing” Cheers
aah, the version i read that involves the plunger actually only throws the soup in, not the actual hops, (plunge down, keep hops for bittering in next boil). that fits how i learned to steep hops on kit, you strained the hops so only the soup essence went in. i'm gonna be a rebel and go that way this time, and see LOL. it was a long time ago, and.... (more)
and.... (more) i vaguely remember that the hop flavour faded after a period (2 months???). didn't keep much in the way of notes then. if it doesn't have the desired effect, i'll slip into the ladies lingerie aisle. good idea, actually. hop socks are an expensive and messy pain in the arse. i'll let you know how the plunge goes. cheers
I saw you requesting a customer DM you in regard to having recently ordered a snub nose and wanting the thermowell lid. I have recently also ordered a snubnose, it is currently listed as being packed (Order # 000018838) would it be possible to swap the lid out for the thermowell also, happy to pay the difference.

Hi bee2gee,
Just wondering if you’re still making iSpindles. If so could you let me know the price. I’m looking for 2. Thanks
“You can’t be a real country without a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.” Frank Zappa
Hi Angie,
I still have had no luck joining the IBU. I have messaged Cortez twice and also tried through Mick Mason on the IBU facebook page.
Can you help me.

Regards Ian Mackenzie.
Hey mate,

Saw your post wanting a fridge. I can get you a brand new Series x with 4 tap font for $620* if you like?
This is the fridge, 4 taps (nukatap) and font only. You'll need gas, lines, regulator etc, but she is brand new.

also can sell you my own setup - series 4 (i think), 2 taps, regulator, 2.6kg gas bottle (full) for $520*

Pick up from Doncaster or North Melbourne and I'll wipe off the $20 delivery fee.
My third and final apprentice brewer arrived 6 weeks ago, I’ve had to rename my yearly RIS from “moad and sons stout” to “moad and co stout”