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Hey All,

Tonight I'm going to brew a really simple kits 'n' bits (not many "bits" in this one) weibier and am interested to see what people think of my recipe. I love the beer I've made in the past but am always looking to improve so any advice is greatly appreciated (especially about pitching rate). Here's what I have planned:

1.7kg Mangrove Jack's International Bavarian Wheat
1.5kg Breiss CBW Bavarian Wheat LME
150g maltodextrin
28g (2 x 14g) German Hersbrucker hops plugs
11g Danstar Munich dried yeast

I'm going to boil the hops in a 5L mixture of water and the LME (I calculated I need to use ~660g of LME to get 5L with SG of 1.040). I'll boil 1 plug (14g) for 30 min and the other for the last 5 min. I'm hoping this will give me a bit of that nice noble hop flavour and aroma without adding bittering (the kit should have enough bittering already I think). Other than that I plan to just mix 'er all up, adjust to appropriate temp (17C) and pitch the (rehydrated) yeast.

According to my calculations (I made my own spreadsheet and have gathered all kinds of data like densities, fermentabilities etc etc of heaps of ingredients) the vitals should be:

OG: 1.053
FG: 1.014
ABV: ~5.3%
IBU: ~21


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Your bittering/ bitterness should remain about 14-18 total iBUs. Maltodextrin has little place here, as it will give body and this beer should be well-fermented and drinkable.

Flavour the hops up if you want, but the bitterness in the can is probably close to spot on.

I made a lot of kit wheats before I moved to grain, and unfortunately (for weizen fans) most wheat beer kits are the American wheat style, rather than weizen. Similar bitterness, but a lot less flavour, even when brewed with the right yeast.

Happy to discuss by pm, if you want

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