Yesterday Xmas Ham - todays pea ham and porter soup

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My 5 kilo Xmas ham was delicious (and expensive) so I didn't want to waste any of it so I made this wrote this recipe yesterday and made the soup - it is delicious!! I know soup in summer is a little out of kilter but if you really want to you could have it cold on a hot day.

[SIZE=16pt]Split Green Pea, Ham and Porter Soup[/SIZE]
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
1 leek
4 cloves of garlic
2 potatoes
500g bag of split green peas
Bone from your Xmas ham or 1 smoked pork hock approx 1kilo
1.5 litres of chicken stock
1 330 mil bottle of porter
3 dried bay leaves
Freshly ground black pepper

Place a large casserole pot on the stove over medium high heat and add the olive oil and butter. While they heat up top and tail the leek and using the white part only cut it in half length ways then slice finely. Add this to the pot and stir well so as to coat with the butter and oil well – cook stirring occasionally for about 5 minutes. Peel the garlic then crush and add to the leek and stir well and cook for about 3 – 4 minutes. Peel the potatoes and cut each one into 8 pieces and add to the leeks along with the split peas stirring it all to coat with the oil and butter. Add in the ham bone or hock – if the ham bone is too large cut it through the joint so you have two smaller pieces. Bury the ham bone/hock in the pea mix then add the hot stock and then the beer stir everything to combine, throw in the bay leaves and give the soup a generous turn from your pepper mill – by generous I mean 15 – 20 turns! Bring to the boil then turn down so the soup gently simmers. Cover with a lid and simmer for 1 ½ hours stirring occasionally.

Once the peas are wonderfully soft remove the ham bone/hock from the soup and set aside on a plate. Discard the bay leaves. Use a stick blender to blend the soup so it is a velvety texture, it should also be slightly thick – if it is runny return to the stove over high heat and reduce it down a little. Shred the meat from the bones and chop up into small dice then add back into the blended soup. Taste for seasoning and if need be add a little salt. You could also add a little cream if you want to add in a bit more richness.

Serve in bowls with some crusty toasted sour dough.

Serves 6 - 8

split green pea, ham and porter soup.jpg pea ham and porter soup.jpg


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sounds and looks delicious. now I just need a similar recipe for the carcass from my 8.5kg mildly smoked turkey...


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I usually freeze my ham bone and make pea and ham soup once the weather starts to cool down. I'll give this recipe a crack, sounds delicious.

Bomber Watson

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Florian said:
sounds and looks delicious. now I just need a similar recipe for the carcass from my 8.5kg mildly smoked turkey...
Cant comment directly on Turkey, but i save all my chicken carcasses/bones etc (I eat a lot of chicken) in a freezer bag untill i have a medium sized bag full, then make bone broth out of them by sticking them in the slow cooker with some basil, onion and chillies and cooking it for two days or so.

Once your done the bones just break like dust, all the calcium and other minerals etc are depleted from the bone structure, the cartilage totally dissolves (glucosamine) and your good to go.

Then i make a chicken/vegetable soup from that.

Delicious, and probably the healthyest thing you will eat all year....



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I made beans with my ham bone.

Soak a kilo of Haricot (Navy) beans overnight.
Drain then put in a big pot with enough water to well and truly cover.
Add the ham bone (I had to cut mine into 3 chunks with the cleaver to get it to fit in the pot... was a big ham)
Add 3-4 roughly chopped onions and a few crushed cloves of garlic.
Bring to boil and simmer till beans are soft (round 1.5-2 hours). Keep checking the liquid and top up if required.
Crush some of the beans to thicken the liquid.
Add lots of black pepper, some salt to taste a dash of cayenne and a bunch of sage.
Simmer for another 10 mins or so.
Fish out the ham bone

You can be healthy and throw some green veg in during the last 10 mins as well.

I froze mine and will eat in the winter time when its not hot and humid... I like to drizzle garlic or Parmesan infused oil over the top when eating. And serve with crusty sourdough.



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Top little recipe Paul!

Just finished this one and it tastes fantastic. Went together well with a "Wicked Elf porter" (which I struggled not to drink) and accompanied with a xmas ham from a local farm. Nice little hint of smokiness pairs great with the porter. I think this one will be on the calendar next year too...

Cheers :icon_cheers:

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