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April 09, 2005
From: AAP

QUEENSLAND brewery Castlemaine Perkins has been fined $30,000 after a worker's thumb was amputated by a conveyer belt.

The company, which makes XXXX beer, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Industrial Magistrates Court to having failed to ensure the safety of a worker, in breach of the Workplace Health and Safety Act, Queensland's Department of Industrial Relations said.

The court heard the male worker was aligning six packs of stubbies at the brewery's Milton facility in October 2003 when his thumb was caught in a conveyer belt.

The court also heard that due to the conveyer belt's poorly located emergency stop switch, the worker was unable to halt its operation.

The man's thumb was amputated, and he suffered severe fractures and laceration to his index finger.

In addition to the $30,000 fine Castlemaine Perkins received on Thursday, the company was also ordered to pay investigation costs of $3201.59 and professional costs of $1000.

The company has also spent more than $1 million since the incident to improve its facilities.


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