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Hi Folks,

I've written a spreadsheet that helps you work out how many grams of hops you need to toss into your wort, at the start of the boil, to achieve a desired IBU. The spreadsheet is based on Glenn Tinseth's hop utilisation measurements and I've extrapolated the values to give additional gravity measurements.

Note: The spreadsheet assumes a 1 hour boil...

Just plug in the volume of the pre-boil wort and the A/A% of the bittering hops in the fields at the top of the spreadsheet and the table calculates the hop measurement for each level of IBU from 5 to 40 IBU's - look across the table to find the starting gravity of the pre-boiled wort and the intersection tells you how many grams of hops to add to the boil.

Eg, if you're boiling 15 Litres and you have an 8% bittering hop, you'll need 21.2g of bittering hops if the pre-boil wort gravity is 1.055...

Hope it helps - it's handy as a rough guide for partial and full boil brews.

:( Unfortunately I cannot attach an excel spreadsheet to this post, (probably due to web security issues) so PM me if you want a copy of it....Sri abt that :rolleyes:

TL :chug:

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