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Just joined this site. Was on an American one before.

Just bottled my fourth batch of ipa. Saaz Dry hoped in a secondary for a week.

Then I transferred another of the same type of ipa and hoped as well. This batch had a dry enzyme added and I used safale s05 yeast. Give it 4-5 days then I'll add my finings. Another 2 then cold crash and bottle

Same day I think I perfected my recipe. Boiled rain water the night before and cooled. Added my sugars, concentrate, and water in my pot and brought to heat and dissolved. I started my s05 yeast at the same time. Ice bathed my pot till cooled. Poured it into fermenter then added my water, dry enzyme, and some calcium sulphate. Got temp of 20c and gravity of .056.
Pitched yeast and aerated the shit out of it.

That's is it. Only took 3 hours and 8 beer to do all this

Look forward to any questions but more so personal opinions.

Happy brewin

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