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Aussiehomebrewer is a brewing site dedicated to discussing home brewing of all levels of expertise, not a facebook, livejournal, instagram, twitter or bchan.

Some of the things we agree contribute negatively to the site include:

Rude treatment of fellow members. Treat each other as you would treat each other in real life. Choose your words with care and deliver them with respect. This is simple. No personal attacks, insults or trashing each other. It is unnecessary and unproductive. Try proof reading before hitting 'post' and if having a few, try re-reading a saved version the next time you are sober.

Limited off topic banter – there are too many unnecesarily derailed threads. Answer and ask questions, offer information from experience and learning and endeavour to research your answers and/or offer personal experience. A few laughs and jokes make the site a fun place to be but use some common sense and restraint. Pages of off topic rubbish will be cleaned. Deal with it.

Understand everyone has different literacy skills and experience - misspelling or incorrect grammar use is not sufficient reason for personal abuse.

Stop complaining about how the site is not as good as it used to be while offering nothing positive in return. You want more technical info? Do some reading and research and supply some. Ask the right questions. If you don't like anything about the site and can't contribute positively to change then find somewhere else. This includes status updates and signatures.

Absolutely NO personal attacks, racism, homophobia or sexist comments – these will be deleted and the user warned or suspended. This has been in the guidelines since day 1.

Disagreement with moderation should be expressed in PMs to moderators but before you do (and abusive PMs will not be tolerated) – examine your behaviour and see how it meets the current guidelines. Again status updates and the no topic thread are not the place for open antagonism or subtle barbed digs. Be adults.

Both moderators and members hopefully want the same thing – a brewing site where info and community is rich. Moderators are members too.

Sometimes there can be heated and passionate discussion. These are welcomed but common sense should prevail. There are ways of disagreeing that enrichen and enliven discussion and debate and there are those that don't. Most adults should be able to figure this out – when you can't, that is what moderation is for. If you are moderated, deal with it or as mentioned - politely enquire through the appropriate channels. This is a private site with guidelines that you agree to by default when you sign up and this guideline has also existed since day 1.

We are trying to make this a forum where all members feel free and comfortable discussing brewing, offering personal experience and technical know-how. It shouldn't be difficult to understand or to be a useful, contributing member.

Those who contravene the above and the other guidelines that may be found below will be warned, suspended or banned. That should be clear enough. User responsibility should prevail. This is all stuff you all should be well aware of, especially those who have been members for a while.

Best Regards

Moderation Team and Admin

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