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Over the years we have lost some players to the pommie super-league, but the loss of Nathan Brown is tragic. We need more people like him coaching inthe NRL in 2009

Brown opens can over Storm tactics
Seeing red: Nathan Brown unleashed on the Storm's controversial techniques.

Photo: Getty Images
Friday, July 25, 2008 - 8:00 AM
Source: ABC News

St George Illawarra coach Nathan Brown says his players were right to come out fighting against Melbourne because of the Storm's tactics during their spiteful Monday night clash.

Dragons prob Jason Ryles was sent off for kicking opposite number Jeff Lima in a scrum after Billy Slater, Adam Blair and Jamie Soward were sent to the sin bin following an all-in brawl.

The fight was sparked by an alleged grapple tackle on Soward and Brown says the referee should have taken action against Storm players for illegally targeting his half-back.

"At one minute fifty in the game he got his hands trod on, and then he got grappled, and then a fight erupts, and as I said the only thing we did wrong was we didn't punch hard enough," he said.

A furious Brown urged NRL players to be prepared to take on Melbourne because the referees are not.

"If they're going to keep reffing the way they ref the ruck then we're coming harder next time," he said.

"Jason Ryles should have packed himself out of the scrum, and then put one on his chin and then jumped on him and give him more.

"That's what should have happened. Because that's how you've got to fight it."

Brown has also complained about the downgrading of Slater's fighting charge stemming from the brawl.

The Melbourne number one had his sentence reduced from two weeks to one as a result of the downgrading after claiming the Dragons' Jason Nightingale headbutted him.

But Brown says Nightingale has now become the victim.

"He gets his character belittled because their defence is he headbutted him," he said.

"The only thing he did wrong was he didn't headbutt him hard enough as far as I'm concerned."

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