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Got this story from www.ananova.com.
Hey whats this blokes problem anyway.

Beer taster wins compensation over alcoholism

A Brazilian has won increased compensation from a brewery after 20 years as a taster made him an alcoholic.

Master Brewer Bernd Naveke, 49, drank around eight litres of beer every working day while at the Brahma Brewery near Rio de Janeiro.

He was forced to leave his job after becoming a registered alcoholic and hasn't worked since.

In the original case he was awarded $30,000 (about 17,000) and a monthly pension for life equal to his old salary of $2,600 (1,500).

"I had to drink up to eight litres of beer a day and I left work drunk every day," Naveke said.

During the original case the court ruled the company couldn't appeal the outcome, but Naveke appealed on the grounds the compensation wasn't enough.

Now a court in Rio has ordered the brewery to pay him $2m (1.2m), according to O Globo.

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