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Using a genset for a Braumeister

Discussion in 'All Grain Brewing' started by tavas, 20/10/19.


  1. tavas

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    Posted 20/10/19
    Hi all

    Been a long time since I was here and I'm sure this might have been posted but CBF searching. I have looked through Google and AHB previously but couldn't find if anyone had managed it.

    I have recently moved into a rental and don't see myself being here long term. I have a 50 lt Braumeister and don't want to spend the coin on someone else's house to get 15 amp power.

    Can I get a 4kW genset and run the BM off that?I have found one that runs 3.5kW continuous. The BM pulls a bit over 3kW so should work. I did read (not on here) that someone tried it but the genset kept cutting out. I am curious if anyone has managed it.

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