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Hi there all

After spending Sunday pumping hot water round the new brewery during commissioning (pics in the gallery) I found only one problem....

A bit of background - I'm going to flood sparge by pumping water from my HLT. The runoff will gravity feed into the boiler. I have included a float switch in the mash tun to automate the water level by switching the pump on and off automatically. The only problem here is when the pump stops it syphons water back into the HLT until the level gets low enough for the switch to turn the pump on again.... This is easily solved by including a check valve (non return valve) on the pump discharge. This may also help prevent airlocks forming when moving hoses between HLT and Mash tun for re-circulation.

Has anyone used one on their system and/or recommend a type or what to look out for?

Asher for now....

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