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Use Of Oxyper

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In a couple of other threads I mentioned the problem I've had lately with a couple of batches being overcarbonated and the likely cause being an infection in some of the PET bottles that I use.

As a result I've decided to improve my sanitation regime with the use of Oxyper. Other than the mixing ratio (7g/L), and that it must be rinsed, I can't find any information about how long the Oxyper mixture should be applied to the bottles.

Is there a recommended contact/soaking time when using Oxyper?




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Glenorchy, TAS
As far as I understand, oxyper is pure sodium percarbonate.

Plenty of info around on that.

If a whole batch is overcarbonated, I would look elsewhere at the cause. A few bottles in a batch might be infection or it might be trub in the last few.

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The best thing you can do is rinse out your PET's with warm water immediately after drinking them. It's only a five second job, but it's pretty important and will save you time in the end. Before I bottle, I just rinse with hot water again and starsan the bottles. Never had an infection since using PET's.

However, if you do want to give your bottles a good clean every so often, you can use sodium percarbonate. I used to use it but found it harsh on the old skin, so you may wanna use gloves.

These days to clean my brewing gear I use enzyme and fragrance free ALDI brand napisan (sky blue bottle), usually seperate from the other ALDI napisans which I had a difficult time locating in their stores.

As far as quantities go, I just tip a lid's worth in the laundry sink and dissolve with hot water then fill up with warm water. Overnight for a real good soaking, or just a couple of hours will do the trick.

I use the napisan only to get krausen and shit off my fermenter or if I wanna give my urn a good soaking, but as I send before if you maintain a good rinsing regime you shouldn't need to use sodium percarbonate too often.