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die sudhausanlage

Hey guys, lets organise a AHB american chat get together, it might mean an early morning or a late night but it would be nice to chat in real time to american all grain brewers or brewers in general.

Good idea?

HumDum can you spread the word make it for 8 pm aussie daylight savings time on the Friday the 4th of march in Australia. So you americans can make you adjustments from there.

Let me know what you think?

Cheers Big Ears,

Die Sudhausanlage :chug:


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I'm in. I'll do what I can to spread the word. There are a couple of others who can spread the word too: Doc, and Dunkel Boy. DB turned me on to this sight by spreading the word about the World Pub Crawl y'all have going.

Here are the local times worldwide for the start of your chat. Chat Start Time Worldwide. Judging by the times in the Continental US, you might get better Yank participation if you adjusted the date and time to Saturday, Sydney time (GMT+10).

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