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Third time brewing

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So this is my 3rd time Brewing, did two others in the UK 1x using a caffeinated drink and 1x using Cordial, managed to make it work even with all the preservatives and stuff.
This time I had a crate of red and green apples, blended in a nutri bullet, took like 20+ blends to do the crate then realised I didn't need the fibre and couldn't get muslin so found some fine mesh fruit and veg bags in BIG W worked a treat. Added some home made sugar water and cider yeast. Started at 1.059 SG, shook for the first 3 days then left it (albeit unintentionally) for 13 days. Finishing SG 0.94
Ended up with a light tasting, med to dry mouth cider. Bottled it up (BIG W came in handy with pop top bottles for $2) and now got to wait a few months, not sure if I'll need to rebottle as there's sediment developing on the bottom of the bottles

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