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Did my first brew on the new system last night, the Parched as Bro Pale Ale from the recipeDB.
The brew day went well other than leaving the tap open on the kettle when transferring from the MLT and losing a litre before working out what that splashing sound was. The new keg mashtun was a winner except its probably over kill for my 23 litre batches. But at least Ive got if I do want to brew a larger batch.
EOB Sg was 1045 and recipes was 1047 so slightly lower but I think its because I may have double sparged with too much water.

But one annoyance was that there was these tiny little flies that seemed to hover around slowly not moving very fast and they seemed attracted to the Porter I was drinking and would end up crash diving into the glass.
Are these fruit flies of some sort?

I also noticed that when transferring from the MLT to the kettle I had a fair bit of grain particles go into the kettle. This only happened at mash out and not when I sparged.
Ive always used my BIAB bag in my other mashtun so have never had this. I have a stainless false bottom from KK. Is this normal and nothing to worry about? I recall reading something about grain particles in the kettle can cause tannins as they boil??

Anyway here are some pics.


Recirculating with 3 way valve

Brewstand showing HLT and temp control for herms up high and out of the way.

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