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This will serve as my introduction and a tip for the American and Canadian (anyone who has walmart, I guess)

I just got started in BIAB and no chill, and found this site. I have a 75L Aluminum pot, and a 200K BTU propane burner. Great sources of information, love the clean layout of the site and the witty banter. If not for BIAB, I would not be brewing all grain. The reduced cleanup, less water (live in the desert) and less equipment make it practical, and the time savings cannot be understated. Further, with no chill, I pitch and run my pipeline much more efficiently, and on my own schedule. Blah, blah blah, I am just jazzed on this.

I posted this review of a very suitable vessel/cube that has worked great for me.. regards from Albuquerque NM,


If you "no chill" or even if you don't, the "Reliance Aquatainers" are a great product for homebrewing. They sell different sizes and configurations, but I use the 7 gallon size sold at walmart for $12 or so. They feature a silicone gasket and spigot, and a twist seal air valve (has no gasket, but holds under a lot of pressure). These hold air and water tight, completely. (I once had a faulty airlock that was sealed on the bottom and didn't know it. The vessel was under an extreme amount of pressure, but held wonderfully until I figured out what was going on and bled it off)

Also, the spigot screws out to reveal a hole just right for a smaller size bung if you want to ferment. I bought several of these and use them to first "no chill", then I set them on their sides and pour out into another one. the gap between the bottom of the container and the spigot is around an inch or so, just enough to leave behind the break. Once I have dropped in my dry hop and yeast, I push down the bung and airlock, and screw down the air valve and I have a cheap, 7 gallon HDPE BPA free fermenter with a perfect carry handle.

Furthermore, reliance has a website and sells replacement parts like spigots and gaskets. All in all these are a great find, and well worth the less than $12 price each. The online description and price are not accurate as far as I can tell, YMMV. Also, avoid the aquatainer model with the "push and pray" air valve.

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