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The Queensland Homebrewing Conference is back in 2013!

It is on the 13th July and it will kick off the 2013 Queensland Beer Week celebrations. We will once again be holding at the Southbank Institute of Technology and we can promise you that it is going to be even bigger and better than last year. Theres an array of high status speakers already in the mix, great breweries on board to once again supply us with delicious beers to enjoy, and heaps of our best suppliers and homebrewers on hand to share their best tips and tricks with you. PLUS we have some very exciting new innovations to add to the day. So keep an eye out for more emails from us in your inbox and get excited, because there is plenty of big news to come! Be sure to mark the date on your calendar (thats the 13th July, 2013), and do whatever you need to do to get the weekend off, because trust us this is one event that you dont want to miss! Also, we welcome anyone who is keen to share some ideas for the day or that is interested in assisting in the organisation leading up to it or on the day itself.

The Details
Who: Brewers of all levels welcome from kit to all grain.
When: 13th July, 2013.
Where: Southbank Institute of Technology, Brisbane.
How: Info and tickets will be available soon on www.theqhc.com.au

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Was a conference held this year? (I've moved interstate so out of town and out of touch)

I might well pencil in the 2013 one for a foray North of the border :) The 2011 one was an absolute cracker.

Book early.


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Looking forward to it.

One of the downfalls in the marketing of ANHC this year was, in my opinion, the trickle feeding of information on who is coming and what is happening.
If you already have speakers confirmed then name them as soon as they're confirmed. No one wants to wait until the last minute to find out that their favourite brewer or whoever is speaking. Also, not many want to buy tickets to an event where they don't know yet who is speaking.

I reckon that's why ANHC was struggling to get people to book their tickets early.

That's just my opinion, hope you make something out of it.

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