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The Left Bank - Home Brewers Award/Competition (Fremantle, Perth)

Discussion in 'Events, Meetups & Pub Crawls' started by Drowro, 26/6/18.


  1. Drowro

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    Posted 26/6/18
    Hi Fellow Brewers,

    The Left Bank is hosting its first Home Brewers Competition this year and is looking for keen home brewers to participate. This is the first event which will hopefully become an annual event.

    The beers will be judged by Master Brewer Ken Arrowsmith and the winner will be able to brew their beer with Ken and supply the NBC and WBC pubs with their own beer!

    I have attached the Event Booklet and registrations finish Wednesday 11 July 2018.

    Please have a look and if your keen either contact the Left Bank for more info or send your details in through email contacts which are written in the registration booklet.

    My affiliation is that this is my home pub and I would like to see this event get off the ground and give the WA brewers another chance to promote their awesome beers!

    Good Luck.

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