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The Enforcer Is Going Cheap

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A once in a life time Bargain via this daftbrewer!

Have you ever wanted a 1990 Toyota Corolla in less than mint condition for knicks. Well your looking at the right post. As Captain Ron the Randy Rat Terrior would decree - "Dang it - this is a CAR!"

Dont let these features detract from the ultimate in car expereince;

* 220K + Kilometers
* leaks wonderfully well when it rains
* smells great after it rains and dries out some
* fog's up like crap when it leaks after it rains and then smells
* kack of internal door handle that came off a while ago - currenlty in cabin somehwere
* dodgey Navigator seat belt - just hold it in...
* totally screwed parcel shelf - comes in at least 9 bits
* faded paint - is it 2 tone or just plain old?
* various oil leaks - none so worse when the petrol pump went - jeez that sucked
* suspected mis-fire - you gotta be sharp to catch it
* almost bald tyres - if you are like me and enjoy sliding round corners in a front well drive as you hook into the corner up the hill towards Stevens Drive at Woonona you get almost 100m of sidewards action!
* a back hatch that used to hate being closed - now since getting wacked from behind by someone not paying attention closes effortlessly
* 3 different key barrels - but only 1 key that works - but which key barrel!
* the ultimate in wheel balance - over 105km per hour and you end up with a full body massage. shake shake shake - your boootey...
* have I mentioned the recent accident?
* or 7 days rego?
* or manual air conditioning? Yes, you wind down the window...
* or due to manual aircon Summer temperatures reach inxs of 40c
* or fits a 8ft malubu inside - and a wet wetsuit for a few weeks when you forget it...
* or the fact that the spare tyre is bald?
* or that there is only AM radio, AND, only 702 ABC comes in? And after 2 years I kinda like that station now..
* or that the left left brake light no longer works
* or that the insurance company wont fix it as the damage exceeds what we paid for it 2 years ago and the cheque represents a 25% profit - how often does that happen?
* or the Fluro Yellow seat covers that have on them 'Enforcer II' and hence forth the car has been nicknamed by all and sundry who know here as 'The Enforcer' thanks to Tim Thomas the brewer of 5 Islands fame?
* or used to own a Land Rover that cost me $1500 per month on repairs or bought this for $2k and never spent a thing....

But to make this a beer related post, I will say that The Enforcer is the ultimate beer trolley. By my reckoning each full keg of Sparkling Blonde weighs 72 kg full - and when you have 3 kegs across the back seat, 1 passenger and one in the boot coming across from Picton Rd travelling at 110kms per hour (must have been the extra weight to correct the wheel balance), and there was not a grumble from The Enforcer; well I am now damm sure every Craft Brewer absolutely needs one! Maybe a well known retailer can help?

If you need to move beer, yes your right, you need an Enforcer Beer Trolley Cart 1990 Toyota Corolla 220+km Thingo!


ps. appearing on Ebay tomorrow..... winner takes all.... Starting Bid $1
pps. at the Picton Servo the cash register girl asked me 'honey, what the hell do you have in that poor little car...'
ppps. due to rear-end action (grrrrr) keg can no longer go into boot... maybe the roof with hockey straps... oohhh untried territory!

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