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Just a quick message to thank everyone for all their support - the last week or two has been quite busy on here - probably the busiest I have seen it!!

It was only a little while agao when some of the members were posting asking where everyone was - I just think it was some of the February blues (after the Christmas holidays, time off work and binge drinking, everyone realises that they have to get back to reality!).

Anyway, hopefully next month, I will be making the change to kegs, so if anyone has some deals / equipment / advice, please let me know. I have already spoken to one of our forum guru's GMK who says that he can line me up with some nice eqipment , so I appeciate that :D

Hopefully I will get some time to finish the labels gallery and the web links section is pretty much done (allows you guys add links - to retails/websites - and then to comment on them if you wish).

Keep posting and keep drinking :chug:

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