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My Tempmate, which has been diligently controlling my ferment fridge for 2 years, is playing up. Here is an example of what is happening:
Set tempmate to 18 deg. In this cold weather the temp will slowly drop to 17.5 deg and the heat will switch on. So far so good. As soon as the heat switches on the temp display jumps up around 0.5 deg causing the heat to switch off. As soon as the heat switches off the temp display drops back down to 17.5 and switches the heat back on again. This process repeats indefinitely until I intervene by changing the temp setting.
Another problem is that the displayed temp changes when I adjust the temp setting on the tempmate, e.g. current temp setting is 18 deg, temp display reads 18 deg. If I reset the temp setting to say 18.5 deg, then once I have reset it the temp display will instantly go up to maybe 18.3 or so. If I reset the temp to 17.5 deg then the temp display will immediately change to around 17.7 deg. So basically, the displayed temp is affected by the set temp.
Is the tempmate cactus? It's been working fine for 2 years and I haven't changed anything regarding how, when or where I use it.
Anybody else experienced a similar problem?

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