Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair/tasting, 26-5-12

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I went to the Sydney craft beer & cider fair ( yesterday, & thought i'd share the experience!

It was at the Oak Barrel on Elizabeth St, Sydney yesterday from 12-4pm. I got there at 1.30, & the place was absolutely
chock full of people, so much so that it was pretty hard to get to the front of a tasting table, & impossible to get to the cloak room
to leave some stuff there. A detour through the bottle shop solved this, & also got me a good tasting spot from Moa.

The crowd thinned out over the next 2 hours, luckily, & by 3 it was pretty easy to sidle up to any of the displays/tastings on offer
& have a chat to the brewers/brewery reps.

Overall, i had quite an enjoyable afternoon. There were a number of excellent brews on offer, all of which were available to buy
at reasonable prices (except Moo Brew- your pricing is ridiculous. Despite being totally delicious, $6.95 for a stubby of the dark ale
is crazy).

I didn't try any of the ciders- i didn't want to taint my palate! There were lots on offer though- maybe next time.

Breweries in attendance, beer wise, included Lord Nelson, Mountain Goat, Moo Brew, Balmain Brewing, Two Birds, Wicked Elf, Mad Abbott,
Innis & Gunn, Mikkeller, Brewdog, Endeaver, Dalgety, Stone & Wood, & MOA, & a few more.

Highlights of the afternoon were-
*Innis & Gunn oak aged beers,
*Moo Brew Dark Ale,
*Madd Abbot Tripel
*MOA Methode, & Imperial Stout
*Dalgety Red, & most of their others.

All-in-all, i'd be happy to recommend it to my fellow beer geeks, & apart from some overcrowding issues for about 90 mins during the
afternoon, was a great way to spend the day.
The $35 seemed reasonable considering the quality of the beers on offer, & will no doubt save me at least that much in the future by
not buying the beers to try that i didn'y like on the day!

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