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I have in my possession a rambo 2 ring burner, model C30LP, brand new in box

This burner was incorrectly sent to me by auscrown, i have been refunded, and they dont want the burner back, nor do i want it

The burner has an output of 20Mj, which would be well suited to someone looking to move their stove top brewing outside (remember a happy wife leads to a happy life :) )

I do not want payment for the burner, but rather a pledge to donate to The Starlight Childrens Foundation

As an incentive, your donation will be tax deductible, which depending on your individual circumstances, can save you up to 46.5% in tax, which means you can donate more than the retail price and still end up owning the burner cheaper than having paid the retail price of $48.95.

The highest pledge in this thread will be successful, and i will keep it open for approx a week or until interest subsides, no PMs please

The successful person will be asked to donate that amount via and then collect the burner from the inner west of sydney upon proof of that donation

Pledges start at $30.00

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That's not the result I expected! At least you got your refund and a home brewer gets a cheap burner with the funds going to charity. Glad it worked out to some extent for a party other then auscrown. Hope this burner goes on to make a many a great beers

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