Sweden's Cholesterol Lowering Beer Launched In Usa

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Geez what does that leave ? Cancer curing beer ?


Beverage Marketing USA announces official U.S. launch of Sweden`s cholesterol-lowering beer

Aventure Functional Beer is made by a patented brewing process developed by Lund University in Sweden.

03/01/2005 Beverage Marketing USA, Inc., has announced the importation and official U.S. launch of Sweden`s cholesterol-lowering beer: Aventure Functional Beer, which is made by a patented brewing process developed by Lund University in Sweden. The unique brewing process employs oats instead of barley and uses a special enzyme technology to create a beer containing beta-glucans. Research has found that these natural grain fibers can lower cholesterol. Clinical studies are underway in Sweden and the results will be evaluated in the beginning of 2005. Getting research subjects for the cholesterol-lowering study, was a snap, once they found out there would be free beer involved.

Beverage Marketing`s foray into the cholesterol-lowering functional beer business remains exploratory with the Aventure brand for the immediate future. However, the experimental brew may get a packaging facelift and be sold in the United States under license as the Swedish Opera brand of cholesterol-lowering low carb beer, with only 3.9 grams of carbohydrates. It`s a great tasting light brew with only 63 calories per 12 ounce bottle, repositioning it as a premier light beer has potential says Davis. The Swedish Opera cholesterol-lowering beer is not only low calories, but is low in carbs, making it the perfect diet beer that stays true to its tag line: the opera is not over until the fat lady sings. The company currently distributes franchise brands and private label beverages and imports non alcoholic beer products for major wholesalers and convenience stores, the company is currently finalizing marketing and distribution plans for the U.S. product launch.

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