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I've tried brewing a few ciders, only with aldi juice, yeast and extras.
I've decided to experiment with strawberrys as I saw them 5kg for $10 near Monbulk, Vic. I have used raspberrys in the past and have found them nice. I found that the flavour seems to decrease with how long it has been bottled.
I have read on the forums about strawberry additions with some people recommending to boil it, as it will make a more jam flavour. One who didn't boil said that theirs tasted like acid, while others seemed to be okay.

What would be the best way to do this?
1. Chop them up and add once primary fermentation is close to finishing? (Do I just spray them with no-rinse sanitiser?)
2. Use a juicer and add the strawberry juice once primary fermentation is finished.
3. ???

Recipe so far
250g LDME - used this previously in ciders and it's made them a little sweater - would it detract from strawberry addition?
12L Apple Juice from Aldi
7.2L Apple and Pear juice Berri
Mangrove Jacks M02 Cider Yeast - Used this in previous batch and it seems the be the only yeast that hasn't completely scrubbed out the apple flavour. However only tasted before bottling, haven't tasted from bottle yet.

Will back sweeten with lactose.


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Never done strawberry cider, but my strawberry mead is going beautifully...

I freeze the fruit then pulp it. The freezing helps break down the cells and release the juice. I wouldn't boil unless you want strawberry jam cider.

I usually add the fruit to the secondary for meads. If you add during active primary fermentation, the activity strips a lot of the flavour. i've done side by sides and the difference is noticeable. I'd add once primary had died down for the cider as well.

I let if ferment on the fruit for 7-14 days then rack off. I find that any longer you don't get any extra flavour and you run the risk of the pulp starting to break down and give you some really nasty off flavours.

About 100g of fruit per liter of mead gives a nice flavour without being too much. Might want a bit more for cider. The flavours do change with time. They will get weaker and stronger and change in all sorts of interesting ways as things age. That's one of the beauties of mead. Will still happen with cider but to a lesser extent as you aren't likely to age it for years.


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