Started Too Sweet, But Got More Bitter (and Better!)

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Recently gave my liver a break for a few weeks (SWMBO's idea) which was a great opportunity to restock supplies, and to give a few brews plenty of conditioning time.
One of these brews was an AIPA with about 400g of crystal, and 70 IBUs.
It was CC for a week or 2, the kegged, where it sat for a few more weeks before I began drinking it.
The first 6-8 glasses were very disappointing. Realy sweet - cloying. Big mouthfeel. Unbalanced.

Oh noes! What will I do? My beer is shit.
I was thinking of ways to get more IBU's in there to balance it.
And while I was thinking, I was drinking. I was mixing this beer with another one that was more bitter, to make it drinkable.
Then a remarkable thing happened!
My beer became nice and bitter! It;'s 70 IBU's shone! It was balanced and delicious!

My only explanation is that due to the lengthy conditioning and the keg not being moved the heavier residual sugars sank to the bottom and they overwhelmed the first few litres.
Does that sound like a likely explanation? Has anyone else had this happen?

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