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Hey all.
I have a double batch of pale going. Kind of an experiment.
1.5kg LME
1kg DME
250g caramalt
125g med crystal (leftovers !)
250 dex
25g simcoe
9g citra
dry hopped 25g galaxy flowers.

Put these down last monday (23L) and tuesday(20L).
One FV has 23L and using US05, hit FG within 5 days.
The other 20L using a shop branded yeast (7g satchel) has completely stalled out at 1.020, IanH's spreadsheet says it should have gotten close to 1.011 ( if I am using the spreadsheet correctly !)

Both of these are in a fridge with STC @ 18 degrees.
I feel I have given enough time so last night I tried to give the 20L brew a wake up with a little bit of a stir ( sanitised gear of course). But today, still no change.
I tastes pretty good to me, but I know it needs to keep going.
I want to rack and crash chill soon as I am interstate next week and want to bottle.

I just upped the STC to 21 degrees, maybe the LHBS yeast did not cope very well down at 18 ?!?!?!

Just after a bit of advice as to what you all think.

Pitch another pack and leave it at 21 for a few days ?



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Was the stalled yeast repackaged s-04? It is known to lose interest around 1.020. Just give the fermenter a good jiggle and jack the temp up by a degree or two. I have been doing the same thing daily and have coaxed my amber to 1.010. Also 7g in 20l is quite underpitched, use the pitching rate calculator at mr malty or the like to work out what is the correct amount of yeast to pitch.


Thanks for the reply GalBrew.

I have no idea what it was.
I know what it was called but am not sure about posting the name, dont want to step on toes. it was labelled Ale Yeast ( had another name on it too)
I also thought 7g was underpitching but took the advice of the LHBS dude.

I have some 7g Coops packs in the fridge, might re pitch and leave it up at 21.

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