St Peter's Brewery, Sydney.

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Bribie G

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I shall be a-quaffing next week when I'm down in Sydney - my other hobby is photographing Australian Terrace Houses and Victorian Streetscapes, which involves up to 15k walk a day, and whenever I'm around Glebe / Newtown I coincide my rehydration stops with St Peters Blonde Pubs. Sad to see the Coach n Horses haven't kept with the faith but I'll be definitely sinking a few at the Townie.

The Blonde is excellent - look I'll admit I'm not fanatically a "craft" beer fan because that often means frozen orange coloured chill hazed Cascade infested choke-it-down stuff that I could make myself with one hand tied behind my back. But that Blonde is really to die for. :beerbang:

edit: hmmm - Pumphouse for the Thunder Bolt Strong Ale, seem to recall a couple of nice rows at Pyrmont I need to get some fresh photos of :rolleyes:

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