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St Kilda, Melbourne - Fs : Beer/keg Fridge With Taps

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Set up to serve from two 19 litre kegs ( not included in the auction ), but will actually hold three.
The fridge itself was bought new for the project 4 years ago and is in great condition. I still have all the shelves etc.
At only 550 wide, 1450 high and 550 deep it easily fits in many kitchens and there is still plenty of room for other stuff.

The taps are Gold Plated Celli ones, absolutely beautiful to look at and a joy to use and keep clean.

Gas in is through a pneumatic push in bulkhead fitting. On the inside a two way splitter allows gas to the two kegs.
Plastic tubing and fittings to connect to two kegs is included for both gas and beer.

Note; Kegs, gas tank, regulator, food etc and the radio sitting on top are not included.


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