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Hey guys, I'm not taking credit for this solely, as it's a bit of an amalgamation of other things I have seen.

However I have had a few PM'S asking about my setup for saving my spunding valve when transferring. As such, please see the below photos and the quick explanation below.

Essentially you will need a T Piece and two Carb Caps from @KegLand-com-au as well as some beer line.

Set up a carb cap with beer line and one without. The T piece threads onto a PET bottle with the beer line one threading down from the top. Then, you need two gas disconnects I used barbed ones cause I don't like the duotights but that's my own issue lol.

So essentially you run a gas disconnect from keg you are filling to top of T Piece with beer line. Then connect spunding valve to side T Piece.

If the keg overflow up the gas port, it will flow into the bottle and not the spunding valve.

I have since found it work well without the spunding valve even. I just gas the empty keg to 10PSI and connect the set up without spunding valve. Connect liquid in, and to start it flowing slightly loosen the carbcap you would connect the spunding valve to. This lets gas flow out, it's not ad precise as using a spunding valve but it keeps the beer from foaming so it works for me. See some pics below.


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