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For a few of my latest brews I've split the wort, throwing a different yeast into each. I like reading about this kind of thing so maybe someone else will too.

I'll put the recipes after the results.

1. Hopped Bitter

a. WLP005
3.1% abv
Malty, toasty, toffee as you'd expect from the grains but also a complex nutty, dark fruit (black cherry?) thing going on underneath the Styrian Goldings. Nice rich mouthful (FG 1.014, sweet but not overly so, firm lingering bitterness.

b. WLP510 + WLP550 Belgian combo (both were a little old and I couldn't have been arsed to make a starter.
4% abv
Similar malt/toast notes coming through but with some classic spicy phenolics and, to a lesser extent that the first one, the Styrians. Dryer on the palate (FG = 1.006) and therefore seems more bitter. Still very drinkable but a bitter Bitter.

2. 99% Munich pale ale

a. US 05 (washed).
5% (FG = 1.014)
Solid malt backbone, toasty malty nose, big American citrus/pine hop character, medium bodied, balanced. No surprises.

b. Washed Belgian combo (WLP510+550)
5.5% (FG =1.010)
Classic spicy Belgian phenolic nose with some nice malt underneath. Much less hop coming though, almost none at all, both in taste and in aroma. It's not like it's underneath the other stuff, it's just not there. A touch drier too but less noticeable than in the split bitter.


1. Hopped Bitter
30L BIAB, immersion chilled.

3600g BB Pale ale
1800 Weyermann Munich light
250 JB Crystal
250 JB Amber
60 JB Roasted Barley

4g CaCO3
5g CaSO4
2g NaCl

68.5°C infusion mash, 76°C mash out 10 Min, no sparge.

40g Centennial 10% 45min
11g Saaz 3.2% 10 min
10g willamette 4% 10 min
35g Styrian Goldings 5.4% flameout

OG 1.038
FG 1.014/1.006

2. 99% Munich
26L immersion chilled BIAB.

5500g Weyermann Munich light
50g JW Crystal

1 tsp CaCO3
1 tsp CaSO4
1/4 tsp NaCl
1/4 tsp tartaric acid

66 degrees C mash 50 Min, ramp up to 76 mashout, no sparge.

30g Centennial pellets 10% (7-12%) 60min
22g Amarillo cones 10.4% 6 min
30g Cascade pellets 6% flameout

OG = 1.052.
FG = 1.014/1.010


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Nice work sir. Thanks for posting the results of your experiment, it's interesting and educational to know. I haven't used WLP005 myself but it looks like a good all-rounder for English style brews. I might need to invest to expand my burgeoning yeast bank...


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Yeah, thanks for posting. With so many yeasts out there this kind of experiment will help me narrow down choices!