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Ok the Bruces are back from their extended lunch break and have reams of survey results as to the direction you should take the next Aussie session beer.

All that follows is fictitious. Made up. False. Not true.
This is a make believe survey no canoes were hurt in the compiling of the data.
The survey was conducted over a 3 month period at various venues and polled 750 men and 750 women. A few were undecided.

Beer Colour:

40% chose a very light golden coloured beer
40% chose an amber coloured beer
10% chose very dark colouring


3 beers were presented to the polled people to taste
[1] A hint of hops
25% Chose this beers

[2] Medium hops bitterness
40% Chose this beers

[3] Strong hop bitterness
25% Voted for this beers
10% of those surveyed were too drunk at this stage for their vote to count.


70% Expected the beer to taste like it looked. Preference was given to any of the beers with good mouthfeel and a clean finish.

30% Thought the style of the label was far more important than the content of the bottle.

Wheat beer

100% said it was ok but not for them.
100% surveyed could not pick a beer containing a low percentage of malted wheat.

Hop flavour.

For this test APA style beers were intermixed with European and existing Australian beers and comments surveyed.

50% Chose the smooth complexity of English, European and Australian microbrewed beers with 25% indicating a preference for the current crop of APA style beers. All of the 25% in this category indicated fatigue very quickly when drinking this style of beer with "those" hops. 25% [mainly men but also a couple of strong women] chose existing Australian beers with traditional Australian hops.

Style of Fermentation

30% indicated a preference for a Lager beer.
45% chose a typical ale [The reason given was this beer had character]
25% were happy just to drink anything that was free.

None of those surveyed actually new what an Ale or Lager really was.

The Specifications for Mah Paddle 2005

There will not be a single word of discussion or correspondence on these points. [From me]

This is an all grain competition, no kits, no extract and no partial. It is an all grain mash brew only.

All malted and roasted grains must be Australian grown and processed.
The beer must not contain any non grain adjuncts.
Sugar is not permittted.

Hops can be your choice, sourced from any location in the world.

Bitterness level is your choice.

Fermentation is your choice. You can brew either Ale or Lager. Yeast is your call.

Gravity for this beer is between 1.040 and 1.050 into the fermenter.

Remember though, examine the survey results and look at the judging panel make up.

To enter this competition you must register by email and you will be given a registration number.
There is no other way to enter.

Send a mail with the subject "Paddle 2005" With your name in the body of the mail.
There is no entry fee and as with the first Mash Paddle a Mash Paddle is the prize.
Two bottles [PET] are required for judging. Entries will be accepted June 01/05 - June 16/05 with judging about 2 weeks after. Details of where to send entries will be provided on registering.


A panel of 2 Female beer drinkers and 2 male beer drinkers to reflect the balace of the above survey results.

A two round judging system similar to this year's paddle will be used and Bruce from R&D will make up the panel to five for the final judging round.

You have nearly a year to craft a winner. All the best


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This is gunna be big !! :chug: :chug:

And I want that paddle thingy this time :angry: :blink: :unsure:

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