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Hi All,
I didnt want to start this as a group in Brew Clubs forum. If the club takes off then maybe someone will.
Just letting anyone interested know, in the area or not, that Donny, from Southern Highlands Homebrew (Mittagong) is trying to generate some interest in a club.
I joined. $25 - I think that's annually? Anyway, the form has some tick boxes regarding interests, e.g. Brewery tours, Meetups, Competitions etc.

Would be good to have a local club with some good brewers in it.

Donny is hosting a BBQ out the back of his shop this Sunday. Starts at 2pm. Bring some beers to swap if you can make it. Doesn't look like I'll make it as I only found out yesterday and already have plans.
If you're looking for an Oz day hangover cure, why not have another beer or two and meet some like minded people?
Join the club if you're local. We might be able to do some bulk buys, yeast swaps and help each other out in general.

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