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Well it's that time of year. One of my traditions at Christmas is making chocolates for my family. I don't do it every year but I try most years.
I've done a few of the usuals. Liqueur chocolates, orange chocolate segments and soft centred chocolates. However...
This year I decided on a treat for the more adventurous members of the family.
So here's how it went down:
I took some prosciutto. Yes I said prosciutto.
I then glazed it with Vienna lager and grilled them till crispy.
Into the freezer to chill.
Next step was the dark chocolate slowly melting on the double boiler. Brushed on with a pastry brush to coat the strips of pork.
A few chilli sprinkles for good measure and I'm done.
Now this all sounds very weird but I kind of took inspiration from a few sources. A very traditional Italian desert is pigs blood and chocolate pudding. I figure that pig, prosciutto, yeahh it's a stretch.
Prosciutto when grilled is fairly salty so I thought hey, salted caramel is a thing. Maybe salted chocolate too.
The result is sweet and salty and rich and weird delicious. And weird. Again.
So here they are.
Have a merry Christmas ahb!



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It's probably not the wierdest combination I've ever heard about (some of old Letitia's creations on The Vicar of Dibley come to mind), but then again I never thought I'd like the combination of dark chocolate and chilli either.

It will be interesting to hear the feedback from your family and friends, but somehow I'm beginning to like it already.

Someone once said, "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got". Power to you 'cos someone has to be the first to try.

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