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Sock it to me!

Discussion in 'General Recipe Discussion' started by Dazza9, 15/12/19.


  1. Dazza9

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    Posted 15/12/19
    So after always following recipes I've decided to go it alone and make my own AG recipe to experiment with some new hops, heres the plan, please give me any constructive feedback on my first IPA:

    OG 1.059 FG1.014 IBU 55.5 Colour 7.0 SRM ABV 5.9%
    4.8KG Ale Malt
    0.5KG Vienna Malt
    0.5KG Wheat Malt
    0.2KG Light Crystal Malt

    20g Centennial 60 min boil
    10g Amarillo 10 min boil
    10g Azacca 10 min boil
    10g Mosaic 10 min boil
    10g Azacca whirlpool
    10g Amarillo whirlpool
    10g Mosaic whirlpool
    20g Amarillo Dry Hop
    20g Azacca Dry Hop
    20g Mosaic Dry Hop

    Wyeast American Ale 2 Yeast

    Hit me with your feedback, cheers
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