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Guy just about to start brewing a kolsch from the data base. Summer days. It calls for a single mash infusion of 65c for 60 mins. All the partials I have done before have been mashed different with 3 stages. For example a iPa with a grain bill of 2.7 kg I used 6l at 66c stabilised at 56c with the grain for 30 mins added 3L of boiling water bring the temp up to68C for another. 45 mins and the bring up to 75c to mash out.
The question is with the single do I just keep it at 65c for the whole 60 mins and do I still need to bring it up at the end to mash it out?
The kolsch had a grain bill of 2.4kg I was going to use about 7.5 L at about 75c to try and get a mash temp of 65.
Any help pls.
Cheers rob.


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Yep keep it at 65c for 60 mins, then increase temp for mashout.

Edit: you could still do the ~55c step if you wish, this is the protein rest which won't do any harm.


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Single infusion is just a 1 step mash. Ie one temp the whole time then raise to mash out.
Multi step is multipke temps then raise to mash out.

So 65c for 60min. Raise to ur desired mashout temp

Edit. If uve got multi step mash down u should already know this stuff. Iys the simpliest mash method. You shouldnt habe any issues.

Allthough if ur kolch has a fair whack of wheat id be doing a step mash with a protein rest. U need to understand why step mashes are used and not just follow recipes as some brewers sont know how to do them or dont want to do them. Doesnt mean the results cant be improved if a step mash shoulf be used.

Edit 2: im doing a basic amber ale atm and did a 10min protein rest then ramped up to 65C for 50min. So its almost single mash step. The protein rest was actually more becuase I miscalculated the temp and was way under. But its ok protein rests are good.

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