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Damm, just missed Saturday lotto :p


Doreen buys her man lottery ticket on wintry trudge for carry-out and wins 118,000
By Christina Stokes

A CARING wife who walked a mile on a wintry night to get her husband a carry-out was yesterday toasting a 118,000 lottery win. Doreen Broll, 36, bought the lucky ticket while she was out fetching some cans of beer at her local store.

And hours later, the pair were jumping for joy when the results came up on the telly.

Yesterday, husband Andrew admitted: "Everyone I've spoken to is amazed Doreen went down to the shop for me.

"I know I'm lucky to have her - and I think she's glad she went now."

The couple had been settling down to watch TV on Saturday night when Andrew, also 36, decided he wanted a beer.

He had already kicked off his shoes for the night and asked Doreen, who doesn't drive, to trudge out in the wind and rain for some booze .

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He also asked fish processorDoreen to pick up a lottery ticket and, instead of going for his usual numbers, picked six at random.

Doreen didn't buy any drinks for herself but she got her reward when they discovered they had matched five numbers and the bonus ball.

Painter and decorator Andrew jumped for joy but realised his carry-out was not going to be enough - so he set off to pick up some more.

He bought Doreen a bottle of vodka to say"thank you", as well as enough lager and alcopops to keep their friends and family happy.

And yesterday, the pair picked up their cheque at their local pub, the Railway Inn in Whithorn, Wigtownshire.

Andrew said: "We're absolutely over the moon about the win"When Doreen came back from our local shop, I sat down with my beer andwe watched the lottery.

"When I found out we won, I just couldn't believe it.

"I was leaping round the living room but I was careful not to spill the beer she'd gone to all that trouble for."

Doreen said she was glad she spoiled her husband.

She said: "The things I do for him. I'm glad I went now.

"I wasn't going to go but then I thought, 'Oh well', I might as well.' He was tired and as I don't drive, I always walk when I go.

"It was cold, and starting to rain, and there's a big hill you have to get upon the way back.

"But it wasworth it. And Doreen added: "If I'd not gone for the beer, I wouldn't be drinking champagnenow."

The couple were still deciding what to do with their winnings.

Andrew plans to get a new car to replace his Astra and will buy son Andrew,15,a quad bike.

Daughter Joanne, 13, asked for a family holiday and they're all set to fly to Tenerife in the spring.

But Doreen still hasn't decided what she wants to buy with the winnings.

She said: "I might get driving lessons but I don't think Andrew trusts me with the car.

"Mind you, he'll have to now I've won him all that money

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