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Self maintaining temperature technique

Discussion in 'General Brewing Techniques' started by trustyrusty, 12/7/18.


  1. trustyrusty

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    Posted 12/7/18
    Hi Guys

    Just thought this was interesting. I set fridge /ITC to 20.00 with 0.7 tolerance...
    It never reached 20.7 so fridge never turned on, and outside ambient 16 degree or so.
    It has stayed at 20.00 for days and now dropping off. The yeast action maintained the temp (being in an isolated sealed area like a fridge) while is was working. Tempertaure is starting to fall and as soon as it reaches ambient I know it has stopped. I dont have a heat belt At the moment but could use a general air heater to get ambient up, ( I could plug heater into ITC but door will have to be open, it wont go over 20 with winter now, so that could be ok)

    but is this ok or do you think it should stay at 20.00 for entire time?
    To me this is natural action as long as it does not go above brewing temperature?

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