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Hello everyone

Newbie to brewing. I'm interested in brewing fruit wines, meads and ciders. I'm a wife and mum to 5, and we have a small property in the
Adelaide hills. I'm into growing and raising my own food which is what lead me to this new adventure - a glut of fruit.

I've just made my first batches which were
!. cheaters plum liqueur (literally soaking plums in alcohol so I don't think it counts)
2 10 ltrs of plum wine
3-5 I tried out mead. based mainly on information from CS mead and more on you tube and lots of reading on the internet. I did 2 the same and just spiced one. and 1 with a different yeast.

I have some questions but need to wait til I can post on the appropriate board ( which I'm still looking to see which one that will be)

hope to be able to benefit from all your experience soon


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