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I have one tap dedicated to Root Beer. I'm a large bastard. I would like to slim down my root beer as well. The last batch I just poured in a whole bottle of sodastream diet root beer, then I poured in 4L each of regular sugar ginger ale and creme soda. It was very tasty. Not very cheap however. $7.50 for the sodastream flavor, about a dollars worth each of the cream and ginger flavors, plus a half of a Kilo of sugar.
So..... around $11 for 23L of root beer. If I watch for sales, I can get 2L of soda for $1. Not the same great flavor but, similar cost without the hassle.

Any of the Aspartames and Sucroloses are pretty expensive in their bulk granulated forms. I've seen the stevia pure extract powderT the 60g bottle says there are 1000 servings. How do think that would convert to 23L of root Beer?


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Dont take this the wrong way but you Might be better posting this question on the American forum mate.

I'm sure there is a small amount of people here who might drink/brew it here but it's far more common in north America. There is sections on hbt dedicated to soda's.
So they might be able to help you out better.

Personally I love root/birch beer having lived in nth america for 2 years. I haven't got around to making a batch yet as it seems easier with kegging and I'm still a bottler. But will be a dedicated tap in my house when I do.

Good luck

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