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Hi all, I’m logging back in for the first time in years.
I unfortunately put my brewing on the backburner (excuse the pun), but have now set up my first proper AG system.
It’s a standard 3 tier gravity setup, I managed to score 2 large SS Electric kettles and a 50liter SS double wall insulated mash tun on the internet a few years ago. I just got round to adding 1/2 inch SS fittings and trimmed a 40cm dome bottom to fit the MT so I’m all ready to go! I’ve also got a chest freezer to use as a fermenting chamber, just need to buy a controller.
I’m actually planning a SMaSH parti-gyle as my first AG brew

I’ll bottle the barley wine, dry hop the IPA with more east Kent Goldings and leave the ESB bitter as is.
I haven’t done the maths yet, but I may try to blend more IPA and ESB and reduce the barley wine.

anyway, I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions and I’m looking forward to rejoining the homebrew community!

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