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Reiterated mashing tips for single vessel systems? Eg. Robobrew, GF etc.

Discussion in 'General Brewing Techniques' started by bingggo, 28/7/18.


  1. bingggo

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    Posted 28/7/18
    Hi folks,

    Any tips for reiterated mashing when going for a big stout on one of these systems?

    Rounding numbers, I've got a 29L boil volume recipe to produce 1.106 OG, with about 13.5kg grain in my original Robobrew. It can only handle about 8kg grain at once.

    From a bit of reading, I'm assuming I do the first mash with half the grain, but will only be able to sparge a small amount, so I have maybe 22L wort in the Robobrew after sparge. Then dump the grain, then mash the other half of the grain in the 22L, then sparge until I have 29L?

    Still working out to what degree I sparge the second mash with the wort in the robobrew, and also with fresh water.

  2. Ralph

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    Posted 1/8/18
    13 kg of grain would be better served with 3 mashes instead of 2 in my opinion. Divide the grain equally and use a fine crush with lots of paddle stirring and some hulls. David heath has a good video on this. I done a 8.4kg double mash and got 28l @ 1.099 following his video- pretty good efficiency so may be you could rethink your grain bill. Ph has to be right- Do you have a meter?

    good luck

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