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I attempted a Reiterated Mash last night with the following Mash Schedules and I'm curious what folks think of my logic. The aim is to get a pretty fermentable wort to avoid too much cloying sweetness in the final beer.
  • I mashed the first 5kg of grain at 68*C for 30 minutes, no mashout. My theory here is to save time and at the higher temp, the mash will complete quicker.
  • The second mash of 5kg grain at 65*C for 90 minutes, mashout at 76*C for 10 minutes. This mash, of course, uses the wort from the first mash as strike water.
My theory is that even though the first mash at 68*C will produce a less fermentable wort, those sugars present are still in play during the second mash. The lower 65*C temp will allow the favoured Beta Amylase to attack both the starch from the second grain bill and will also work to break down further the longer chain less fermentable sugars produced in the first mash.

The alternate option is to complete both mashes at 65*C to get the desired fermentability but at the cost of an additional hour of brew day. Does my short-cut make sense? Could the first mash go higher, 69-70*C maybe?

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