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Euro Lager

Lager - Dortmunder/European Export
Kit & Kilo
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Brewer's Notes

Coopers European Lager tin (instead of 1.7kg Coopers LME).
OG 1052, FG 1013 (measured).
31 IBU (including kit bitterness).
Lager kit yeast and Salflager w34/70.
5.5% in bottle.
Steep crushed carapils for 30mins then sparge. 6L boil with additional DME to bring boil gravity to approx 1040. Added hops at 15, 10 and 0 mins. Allow cool using desired method. Prepare yeast starters of kit and w34/70. Pour all into fermenter and top up with cold (refridgerated) water to 12degC and ferment at that temperature. Leave in primary for at least two weeks. Allow four weeks after bottling for carbonation and conditioning. Consider crash chilling for a clearer beer

Malt & Fermentables

% KG Fermentable
0.3 kg Weyermann Carapils(Carafoam)
1.7 kg Coopers LME - Light
1.5 kg Generic DME - Light


Time Grams Variety Form AA
20 g Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (Pellet, 4.0AA%, 0mins)
10 g Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (Pellet, 4.0AA%, 15mins)
10 g Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (Pellet, 4.0AA%, 10mins)
22L Batch Size

Brew Details

  • Original Gravity 1.054 (calc)
  • Final Gravity 1.017 (calc)
  • Bitterness 3.9 IBU
  • Efficiency 75%
  • Alcohol 4.79%
  • Colour 11 EBC


  • Primary 14 days
  • Conditioning 4 days

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