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Ron Jeremy Steps Into the Shoes of The Donald
By: MJ McMahon 10-20-2004

MIAMI, Fla. - Donald Trump says, "youre fired." Ron Jeremy says, "youre fucked."

The result is the same, however, as the AVN Hall-of-Famer will be hosting an Adult show based on Trumps hit reality show, The Apprentice, called Adult Apprentice.

Adult Apprentice will pit 10 Adult starlets against each other, performing various tasks to demonstrate their sexual prowess and skill. Jeremy will assign tasks and judge the contestants in such categories as oral proficiency, hottest ejaculation, and dirty talk.

"I play the Donald Trump character. I even comb my hair kind of like he does," Jeremy told "And we have some beautiful girls competing to be the Adult apprentice, doing various scenes girl/girl, guy/girl, working with their boyfriends, working with me, a whole variety of stuff."

One of those girls is Vicky Vette, who spoke to shortly after she finished shooting a girl/girl tryst with fellow starlet Veronika Raquel.

"A lot of the performances are really over the top because all of the girls are competing against each other," an exhausted Vette said.

Joining Raquel and Vette as contestants are Sunshine, Chelsea Love, Daisy, Felecia Flint, Trixxi, Jacqueline, Lady and Brianna. The women are competing for a lump of cash and a six-picture deal with Azure Entertainment, which is producing the show for webmaster affiliate site Platinum Bucks.

The contestants get the added bonus of learning how to be a porn star from Ron Jeremy, Vette said.

The show will run exclusively at the Platinum Bucks site,, beginning at the end of November and running for 16 episodes. A new episode will air every week, with DVDs to follow.

The Adult Apprentice creative team struck a deal with Platinum Bucks for, well, something else entirely.

"Were the crazy, creative company that has been producing such things as Tourist Hunter, Super Twinks and Bottle Rocket Babes where everyday is a blast. Now, weve stepped up to the next level, casting Ron Jeremy to spoof Donald Trump in a crazy competition to find the next female adult star through appearing in the Adult Apprentice," said Michael Fierce, Azure representative.

As for Jeremy, while he admits this project is different from anything hes done in the past, viewers shouldnt expect him to be as harsh as Trump is. However, they should expect the contestants to give a little extra.

"The girls go a little extra crazy. They howl more, they screech more, they get lubricated more, they go berserk more, they bump and grind more so its fun," he said.

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