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To date I put dowm 3 kit brews only and have just started to taste the fruit of my labour from the first batch. The results are better than expectations as compared to the last Brigallow kit that I tried some years ago. The path to enlightenment is often difficult but I feel that I should advance on this path and try the next stage. When I was in the Army our corps motto was "Paulatim" meaning Little by Little. It should apply to HB as well, never the less, I am impatient to produce a nice drop of ale.

I need suggestions what I should do to advance to the next stage. I thought I should try to vary my method by getting a second fermenter and have a go at Racking and Bulk Priming and later using extracts. Before I do that however, I need to do some more research as to how I should proceed.

My preferences are towards Lagers, especially towards the German or other Europian Variaties. The three batches that I put down are all the Morgan Kit varieties. The first one was Morgan's Mid Strenght 3.5. The second was Morgan's Blue Mountain Lager, also Mid Strenght. I thought I try to use some additives to vary it a bit and the last batch was also Morgan's Blue Mountain Lager, full strenght this time with 12gms of Hersbrucker hops.

Your thoughts on my progress and how I should proceed from here would be greatly appreciated. :chug:

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Welcome Sparrow.

Your progress looks fine. Keep experimenting, taking good notes.

Suggestions for your progress (in approximate order, you will probably juggle a few.)

Keep fermentation around 20 deg. Keep on top of your sanitation. Join a local brewclub.

Use the 3kg LME kits.

Buy lots of interesting imported a local specialty beers.

Start doing some specialty malt steeping.

Brew some lagers with proper lager yeasts at proper lager temps.

Think about racking and bulk priming.

Look towards partial mashing.

Enter local comps.

Start using liquid yeasts.

Have fun. Drink lots of beer.


Eat, drink...and drink some more.
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p.o.l. has lots of good advice. it seems like you are pretty interested and will no doubt figure things out fairly quickly on your own.
keep experimenting. try to find out if there are any other brewers in your area. check out your local home brew shop, they should have plenty of advice. maybe find a home brew club in your area. watching an all grain brew can have tons of information just by watching, even if you still do kits or extract.
read all you can about brewing, there is lots of info on the net.
keep brewing. there is no substitute for experience. even if/when you have problems...you will learn something. have fun